Twerking has been a dance by many ethnic groups. Ewes dance shaking their backside likewise the Adowa dance also. So it’s a matter of morality against ethics.

I also would want to tackle the issue of a religious perspective. Is the nurse a Christian? Can a Christian do that? Are Christians supposed to twerk?

Firstly, when we say a Christian we aren’t talking about a perfect being on Earth. A believer is one who’s received the gospel and is saved. In fact after believing in Christ we do not stop doing the bad things we used to do automatically rather the Christ in us gradually transforms us from within.

Again, salvation is in there levels, at salvation our spirit gets saved however our minds and bodies do not get saved. For which reason we’re admonished to renew our minds.

To some twerking is a sin and immoral but I think it depends on the cultural background more because when you attend a traditional festival and you see the ladies shaking their ‘bumbums’ you can’t just flag it as sinful. You will be very wrong