In my previous article I disclosed three ways one can identify manipulation against his life. However, there has been a pressing need from followers as touching the solution to the problems.

Our God is a God of wonders, he desires we gain practical victory over the works of the enemy. I will today drop three ways. Kindly note that these ways aren’t the only ways , there are so many others.

Prayer is just a conduit through which we receive the ways or directions of God for our issues. One can be prayerful but if in prayer he is not aware of the leadings of the Lord he may miss it.

  1. Submitting to the ministry of Prophets
    The prophetic ministry is that wing in the body of Christ that gives spiritual interpretation to events and occurrences. Any prophet of God is able to tap into the spirit to give spiritual dimensions to events. In dealing with manipulations over your life, a Prophet who has stature with God is able to deliver you and disengage you from any evil manipulation
  2. Consecration
    In consecration, you set yourself apart for God to show you the way out. This may come with a long or short fast. I believe God hears us when we come to him with a sincere heart.
  3. Spiritual alliance
    It’s good you surround yourself with spiritually enlightened people. Their alliance with you spiritually is able to dispell evil manipulations against your life. Do them good, support their ministry, give them gifts. These are ways to fortify your self spiritually

It’s my expectations that after practicing any of these you will come back with a testimony of victory. I declare you blessed
Let me know if this helped you