Spiritual marriage is the union between a spirit being and a normal human being where the spirit being takes responsibilities and enjoys some privileges over their host

The spirit being prevents other men or women from coming closer to their partners they do this by setting confusions,manipulating the works of their spiritual spouse, causing illness etc on their spouse…though many people do not believe this in reality its Truth many are practically experiencing

Its not bad to have wet dream as a teenager, but when the dreams persist it could be a sign of a spiritual marriage

The spirit being takes advantages of the marriage and engages in sexual activities with their spouse,the spouse have regular dreams of engaging in sexual activities and they normally wake up wet, and tired an weakened

Most women who are late to marry,have this problem,they mostly encounter conflicts anytime they intend to settle with people they desire in the physical

How is this possible, which legal backing or grounds do the spirits have to marry people,the cause of this is either a direct contact by the affected or it was bought or accepted by family members

There are rules of engagement everywhere you mother or father or even relatives who might have been into heathenism or the worship of idols seem to establish covenants with the gods they serve and these God’s may marry from their family.

There are times the affected people themselves contract those things by their indulgence in some immoral behaviors such as masturbation,fornication,watching of pornographic movies or material etc

These immoral activities becomes openings in our soul and allows the evil sprits to have that access…these practices which mostly becomes addictions are legal ground to be married by a spirit.