From biblical perspective the matter of polygamy has been argued over by many a people. We however would touch on a few pertinent issues regarding the matter of polygamy.

Though our common usage of polygamy tends to be applied to a man with multiple wives, the word polygamy simply means multiple spouses. More accurately, polygyny would be one man with multiple wives, while polyandry would be one woman with multiple husbands. Bigamy is another word used for having two spouses. More recently, those who live in communities of open relationships have been called polyamorous, having multiple husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends in various arrangements. As we look at Scripture, none of these arrangements matches the structure of marriage given by God from the beginning.

In the beginning when man was made he was given a woman not women hence we know how marriage is from God’s perspective. However, through out history and examining the lives of both antediluvian patriarchs and fathers of old it was common to see a man marrying multiple wives. The matter of whether it is a sin or not must be treated with gravity because matters of sin are matters against God himself.

For example, when Cain murdered for the first time we see the monarch of Zion coming into the picture to bring perspective and judgment. Nonetheless, nothing was said concerning the first man who married more than one.

So then polygamy became part of culture and was practiced by many renowned and godly men. Taking a deep cut into the Christian culture, polygamy is not loudly condemned neither is it unequivocally accepted so then it is just like the silence when the first person practiced.

Also, for one to be an elder in God’s church he is instructed to be married to only one woman. A man who is already married to many can still be accepted in the church but not in place of leadership like being an elder.