Sickle cell disease is an inherited disorder of red blood cells that have taken an abnormal shape. The actual shape of a normal red blood cells is biconcave but sickle cell are crescent in shape just like the shape of the half moon. Sickle cells die early and when this happens there’s shortage of healthy red blood cells this is what leads to sickle cell anaemia and can hinder the flow of blood resulting in severe pain.

There are different genotypes when it comes to sickle cell, we have AA AS SS AC SC each of the have merits and demerits.
AA means the person has no sickle cell in his system
AS means the person is a carrier and such people rarely suffer from malaria
SS is a full sickle cell patient and suffers much.

In this article I will teach you the sickle cell compatibility so you consider before settling down with a life partner. The reason being that those who suffer the consequences more are the progenies (children) of the parents.

AA can marry anybody
AS is better off with AA
AS and AS, AS and AC are too risky
Two sickle cells = avoid conception.

So people kindly do your kids a favour by knowing your sickle cell status, I will help you as a lab technician with these few tips. When you check and your status is negative it means you’re AA but when it’s positive it means you have sickle cell however it will take a further test to determine the type of sickle cell you have. There’s a test called Hb electrophoresis and this is where the type of genotype is ascertained whether AS AC or SS. It does not cost to know your status so get yourself checked and save your children from needless agony