For Many, losing out on an election is a deal-breaker and a way to stay out of the road less traveled by many, especially women.

Journeying in politics takes resilience and a faint-hearted individual may run at the least failure.

However, being firm, resolute, and developing a likable personality will surge you on to the many opportunities that exist in one’s quest to transform lives and contribute one’s quota to the development of mother Ghana.

This defines Mame Yaa Aboagye.

When many fell out after failing at an election that would have seen her lead the people of the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, Mame Yaa Aboagye picked her spoils, dusted, and moved on to work at helping to salvage Ghana.

She played key roles in the NPP’s campaign leading up to the party’s capture of power. Serving as a Polling station executive and actively campaigning to ensure that Ghana is saved and made a better place for the development of the youth.

With her dedication to service, Mame Yaa Aboagye has risen in this short period to the position of a Deputy Communications Director of Ghana’s governing New Patriotic Party and 2020 Ashanti Regional Campaign Team member; a position she discharges her duties without blemish and has contributed immensely to the success of the current government.

With a personality that is so unsuspecting, Mame Yaa Aboagye believes in providing opportunities for the youth to excel at not only life and she does this by leading as an exemplary leader.

This is why she believes the future belongs to the prepared youth and has always insisted on building one’s capacities and taking advantage of opportunities regardless of the form it comes in.

Her love for children also sets her apart from her peers and motivated the setting up of Toffee Kids Arcade in 2011 that has groomed a number of children to discover themselves.

For an individual who believes that education bridges the gap between the poor and the rich and also gives the vulnerable opportunities, Mame Yaa Aboagye holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Psychology from the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. She also attended Irwin College, UK.

What best can define such a life if not for resilience and dedication to the service of mankind.