Watch out, what happens next, the world and the globe again will be grappling at this event. Is it normal? Yes it is. Who is behind this outbreak of the world history? What effect and impact will this have on us? Again the world will cry, Alas! A cry to the God of the heavens. 

The victims are innocent people with a passion, burning with zeal. These zealots are repositioned only to have a stir up. Who can help it? It is a time where people will leave homes and dwell in caves and the wild forest just to find rest for their soul. Food will not be necessary and water won’t quench the thirst of people. Both world leaders and institutions will facilitate this happening. 

When will this be? Soon! The world again will be in shock, waves unstoppable. Who propounded the stir? Is it you or me?. The Holy Spirit will put a burden that cannot be taken off the shoulders of men until prayer reach the heavens like the sound of many waters. The hunger and thirst for righteousness will fill the heart of people, holiness will again be the breastplate. Faith will grow and fear will disappear, the word of God will reach the nations of the world, ancient prophecies will be fulfilled, the word of God is event his inherit power. And then the Spirit will be pour on high, the upper room will soon collide with the cloves of fires. 

The raise of faceless, nameless and unknown persons will stir up the move of God and coming long awaited revival of the church to march orders the return of the Lord. Here swings the pendulum of REVIVAL starting in Africa. The stir is massive, the effect will be felted, men will be refined out of the fires like golden vessels to channel the purpose of God for the church. It is an unstoppable, unspeakable lips can’t talk about, minds can’t forum it and lives will be changed. Like a mighty wind it will blow and sweep the world, bring men back to God. In the womb of time is an ocstartion, revival has been conceived, gone through the process of incubation and now the labour pain starts, it is time for the birth of a new wave, a new move of God’s power. A full manifestation of the sons of God. It is an earnest expectation and the world can’t ignore its effects and can’t deny its power. It is the Revival of the Remnant. The cano is paddyed, nets are ready to have a great harvest, lunch out into the deep. In the wells of this revival men will draw power, strength and manifestation. The awakening in the heart of men is unexplainable, the new face of the church. 

The exposition, the explosion and the explore of this revival is no respector of persons; portfolio, the rich, the poor, women, men, children and world great leaders will go on their knees to prayer…”Give us Revival or we die”. A prayer place where needs don’t matter any more. It is a prayer for power, a stirring up, a move and a revival. It will no longer be a burning bush but literal fire, a more modified one of cloven fire that men will carry all the days of their lives. With the slumbering of lips, and a burning heart the world will cry out that revival is given. More than Azure street revival, Welsh revival, more than the Indonesian revival lead by Mel Tari. Is coming, the ever overwhelming revival is now. The central of this outbreak (The REVIVAL) in Africa especially western Africa.