When people owe you and they seem not to pay it becomes very debilitating to you as a business man because you will run ‘hypo’ in terms of finances and your business may either collapse or end in tears. Many people who owe do forget that they are owing and hence rarely try to redeem their debt so it is mostly not their fault but I would be teaching you how you can command their soul to your attention and they will respond as soon as possible. Every man has an immaterial part which responds to unnatural communications so that is the conduit we are going to use to get your monies paid back within the shortest possible time.

The key is to use Neem leaves with the precise knowledge. Neem leaves are ubiquitous especially in the side of the world we have found ourselves but then if you do not have the right knowledge you will end up using the Neem tree only as an avenue to get shade and perhaps medicine instead of the other superior knowledge one can gain.

Neem leaves have many uses aside the general medicinal properties we know especially when you have the right knowledge.

  1. You have to get some neem leaves from the tree and keep it dry for some time. Please note that the fresh leaves is not the right leaves to use for this procedure, so then the fresh leaves should be put down for some days till you see that it has lost its freshness normally less than 3days.
  2. After it has lost its freshness you would have to hold it in the palm of your hands and mention the name of the person who owes you in the right palm where the leaves are contained and then mention the amount the person owes you in the left palm of your hands where the leaves are contained too.
  3. After this you would have to drop the leaves into a water, a bucket of water then you discard it by throwing the water containing the leaves away.


  1. Make sure the leaves are not fresh when you are making the pronouncement in the palm of your hands.
  2. See to it that the neem leaves do not fly from your palm and touch the ground
  3. The leaves in the right palm should not move into the left