In an election year one must be strategic so as to gain favour from the citizens. Ghanaians easily forget their past woes and it doesn’t matter how worse a government performs, if it is able to play good tactics and satisfy citizens in the election year then it is possible the citizens will vote for him. This year being in election year and one of the worst years ever the government has been very strategic in easing the burden of the populace.

First of all water bills were taken care of by government whereas fifty percent of electricity bills were paid for by government for three months. These measures the government put in place has really given the citizens much interest in the leadership of the ruling party and it is likely they will vote for him.

As though that is not enough, government also gave clearance for nurses to be recruited and currently opening portals for GES to start recruitment. If all these plans work as purposed then the people of the nation especially the job seekers who will get jobs will contemplate on maintaining the current leadership.