Yolo was a TV series that became popular in 2016 featuring many young actors and actresses who today have become big stars. The series had its dominant figures being youth and displaying the lifestyle of today’s generation. Out of the TV series emerged today’s famous celebrities like Fella Makafui who is now married to Medikal. Fella became popular when news about her heavy tundra and body curves were flying all over but people have to take a critical look at things.

There is another actress called Nana Yaa Serwaa Addo who has stunning tundra than Fella Makafui and we have photos that prove so. Serwaa Addo is a big time business woman who is into selling of building materials and is also expected to be in the Ghana law school by 2020.

The photos prove clearly that Fella is no match to Nana Yas Serwaa if curves are taken into consideration but it is more of a greater hype that has made many consider Fella Makafui