Nation builders corps, NABCO was introduced in 2018 to give temporal employment to graduates and hitherto has given support to many a graduate. The appointment is three year period so those of the first batch in 2018 are expected to have their appointment coming to an end in 2021. The scheme has been helpful in no small way as graduates who after years of unemployment have been able to earn income on monthly basis through this service.

This year being an election year, the government is likely to open the portals for recruitment which is not the right time but in order to fester political gains it is possible the ruling party will open the portals so as to gain favour from the unemployed in the coming general elections.

If this tactics works then the ruling government will have an upper hand in the general elections because employment is one of the key issues the youth of this nation are troubled with. Many a youth today is thinking of how to make ends meet with the troubles and problems he faces each and every day in this life.

NABCO currently pays Ghc700 as monthly salary to its people. When it was initially introduced there was delay in payment as people would work for over three months without salary but a year after its introduction things were made easier