Rev Obofour is a popular man of God here in Ghana with a strange healing gift. He is blessed with a supporting wife called Ciara who also is convinced in the vision of the man of God. The two have been able to achieve a great feet both in the ministry and corporate world.

In this article we are showing you photos of Rev Obofour and his cars. He has so many cars and has added Rolls Royce to the list. It is so easy for someone to say how can a pastor live such a flashy life but it is also known that the popular man of God is also an entrepreneur. He owns business and is one of the few men of God who pay medical bills for patients.

He has made a lot of millions from his business and has built a very beautiful house with a lot of cars as part of his fortune. Many Ghanaians think pastors live on the offering of their members but Obofour is known not to take offering in her services. He also has made many donations to many others who are in need both of medical and material support. Aside business and ministry he is a Philanthropist