I have a proposition for your consideration. I have read you guys extensively on this legalization of Okada.

You have argued that the commercialization of Okada is long overdue and a masterclass idea to be embraced.

You seem to think that people are already into the business so giving it a legal backing would not hurt the country in anyway even though the laws of the land frown upon same.

You also postulated that elsewhere Okadas have been commercialized, so Ghana cannot claim to be a Holy Grail in this enterprise.

Let us assume that what you have posited is worthwhile and ought to be given the green light to operate, but you left out something which I’d like to jog your memories on.

Our laws display total aversion to homosexuality and lesbianism. In fact, all forms of LGBT are considered unlawful in Ghana, but you know as much as we all do that people, some Ghanaians, in Ghana, practice these acts.

Mind you, LGBTs are common in many countries, so there are precedents to guide us. Would you not consider rallying support for homosexuality and lesbianism to be accepted, legalized in Ghana since people are already into it and many other countries have legalized same?

I am mooting this idea based upon your own advanced logic. The all-knowing IMANI, the senior prefect of all civil society organizations, should advocate the legalization of LGBT since it is a hidden practice in the homes of some Ghanaians and it has been embraced elsewhere.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.