My brother never understood my behavior towards cruel and callous people. He always thought I was wrong when I have issues with people because, they always go ahead of me to speak falsely about me to him. He would not even allow me to explain myself to him because he thinks I am controversial. Why am I writing all these? Is it not the callousness of the health workers that have cost my brother today? Now, what can we do to bring him back? Brother, I suppose wherever you are you can feel the pain I am feeling in my heart now?

But I partly blame you; because, I called you several times at 9:34 after calling Bola Ray at 9:33, but you didn’t pick up my calls just as he did not pick my calls, then just the next morning I had a vision of someone’s demise. I was then waiting for you to return my calls until I heard this heartbreaking news. Thus if you had pick up my calls last Saturday night, you would not have left me in this loneliness and anguish.

But, I know you very well, and I know who and how you are, that, Christ will keep you safe in His bosom and we will surely meet again in heaven because of your love for Him. But, in actual fact, it is impossible for me to believe that you are no more here with me, and I am looking for the possibilities to bring you back.

Now, your enemies in Christ Temple are rejoicing in their hearts, but God will begin to punish them one by one. Trust me brother, I don’t want to mention names but God will take the vengeance very soon and you will see.