Rapper Pope Skinny has made a shocking revelation about the deadly coronavirus disease that has got many fans and followers wondering if he is a different kind of human being.

The Asuodengod, who is currently in the United States, has disclosed that he intentionally visits places that have been designated as hot spots for the virus, hoping to be infected in order to have a feel of the disease.

According to Pope Skinny, who was speaking with Celebritiesbuzz TV, the virus appears to be afraid of him because even though he boldly steps into hot spots, he returns stronger than before.

“In Florida, the COVID-19 is soo high. When you go to Florida and return, you must quarantine yourself for 14 days. I went to Florida and didn’t get it.

In recent times, they are saying Las Vegas, they are reporting that 200 to 300 people get infected with the virus daily, I’m now in Las Vegas but I haven’t been infected.

Personally, I want to get the COVID-19 to feel how it is.” He said.