2020 is an election year and with this comes with a lot of pressure both from the top leaders and followers. In many election years the role of political leaders in the nation plays a critical role as it sometimes determines the outcome of elections. In 2012 general elections one of the key reasons why Ghanaians were moved to vote for the NDC was because of compassion following the death of incumbent president John Evans Attah Mills and in subsequent years some decisions of political parties in the election year really affects the outcome of the election.

In the 2016 general elections there were a lot of controversies that surrounded the ruling party on among such were high level of corruption allegations which there are Ghanaians who are moved by what the mass flies on radio and TV. On the strength of these allegations people decided to vote out the NDC from governance.
In Choosing a running mate for the NDC, Mahama chose a woman who is an educationist in the person of Prof. Jane Nana Opoku Agyemang with which many people were impressed especially those who advocate for women empowerment and women in leadership. Many young women are motivated by the position of Prof Jane N. Agyemang and it is very likely their votes will turn up on her side.

On the contrary, another woman in the person of Madam Hawa Koomson was reported to have fired gunshots at the registration centre after a little fracas with which Ghanaians have made a lot of negative reactions. In political terms and on political grounds the behavior of Hawa Koomson will be a breeding ground high political Savage against the ruling party if she is not made to resign from a position.
Ghanaians already have started comparing both women from educational background to public relations and from look of things people are not happy with the behavior of the ‘fire woman’ and until the NPP withdraws her from leadership it will be a big blow against them in the upcoming general election