Nana Addo is the president of Ghana having won the 2016 general elections. Nana first showed up in the presidential race in 2008 being defeated by Attah Mills and in 2012 by Mahama. It was in 2016 that Ghanaians gave Nana the greenlight. Upon his ascension to leadership Nana has done a lot of things for the Ghanaian youth and aged. His government has a lot to write home about.

In terms of health
It is under the Nana administration that every constituency has been given an ambulance to facilitate health care. Health is one of the vital aspects of the human life which can not be treated with levity. A government that prioritizes the health of its people is one that stands a greater chance of ruling. The ambulances are fully functional in the various constituencies making emergency case delivery simpler.

The government has also introduced a system where drones are used to facilitate health care services like blood and other materials. This advancement has made the health sector record lower mortality for reasons like blood shortage.

The spread of Coronvirus made life a bit difficult for Ghanaians. Hand washing was something of a necessity and the government in his own wisdom and kindness subsidized bills. The water bills were fully taken care of whereas electricity was reduced by fifty percent (50%).

The government in 2018 opened portals for unemployed graduates to get a temporal job. The has gotten teacher trainees posted as well as nurses. Unemployment is one of the woes of the average Ghanaian graduate. Though graduates are to thinking of creating jobs they rely more on government to absorb them.

With these Ghanaians will consider giving Nana four more years. He and his administration have touched on many sectors bringing changes and development.