Nursing is one of the professions with beautiful ladies undoubtedly. When the course was introduced in Ghana it was as though many did not like as announcement was to be made from house to house to convince people to join. Today the profession has many people joining at will and the competition of getting an admission to nursing school is uprising from time to time.
When the profession was first introduced it was made strictly only females but today it’s for both sexes. The high number of females in the profession has made people draw many allegations against them that they are promiscuous but the truth is promiscuity has nothing to do with a profession. There are many who are not nurses yet very active sexually so the allegations leveled against nurses are not substantial.

Nurses over the years have tried responding and refuting the claims of people yet it seems they are adamant. Some nurses at the Mampong Training Nursing College warned some guys on social media against those statements.

According to one of the guys a nurse has cheated on him several occasions and in his life time he has lived close to nurses so knows them very well.