Bishop Charles Agyin Asare is the founder of Perez Chapel who is married to a beautiful wife by name Vivian Agyin Asare since 1985. The two have been married for more than two decades and have been blessed with beautiful fruits of th womb. Vivian Agyin Asare serves as the co-founder of Perez Chapel and has become the backing support of the torch bearer.

Chairman Wontumi has fired strong allegations against the bishop that he will expose the woman the pastor has been cheating with should he be dared. The wife of bishop is very beautiful and it will be very heart breaking for the setman to cheat on such a gorgeous looking and faithful woman. The two have laboured in the secular world and ministry for a very long time and have elevated by God in due season.

Mama Vivian as she is called has been the model for many young ladies attending Perez Dome with many married women looking up to her as their counsellor and coach.