The scare of the coronavirus pandemic has blew across the globe and our country Ghana is not left out. The rapid increase of the spread of the virus baffles the minds of many in the country. Each and everyday new cases are being recorded and little do we know about how the new cases comes about as everyone is holding on to precautionary measures.

The current statistics of the coronavirus pandemic in the country is too boisterous. Currently, the country has recorded 20,085 confirmed cases of the deadly virus. However, a record of 14,870 recoveries or discharges has been made leaving total active cases to be 5,093.

The country records not less than 500 cases daily which is unfathomable. Few weeks ago, the president in his address to the nation over measures to prevent the spread of the virus, he released the final year students to go back to school in order to finish with their final exam.

Every school in the country has heeded to the president’s order and have resumed teaching and learning. Immediately school resumed for final year students, some schools like Accra Technical University started recording positive cases of the virus.

This has raised an alarm and parents has started invading schools to rescure their wards from the virus over fear of contacting. This afternoon, @Tv3Ghana covered a story of some parents invading the Accra Girls’ Senior High School to take their children out of the school.

It became a serious matter that the police has to move in to put the situation under control on the campus. A video was spotted on their Facebook page. Here is the caption of the post:

“Accra Girls’ SHS: Police move in to restrain parents who stormed campus to take away their children over Covid-19 cases report.”

Some of the comments beneath the post are very interesting. Some are on the side of the parents, saying it is a right action they have take. Some also believe it is a rebellion against the orders oft he president and hence must be punished for their actions.

What do you also think? Is that a good action or bad?

Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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