Chairman Wontumi earlier today fired some shots against the Bishop of Perez Chapel, Agyin Asare saying ”Dare me and I would reveal the identity of the woman you have been cheating with” just because the bishop spoke about the economic failure of the ruling government. Chairman Wontumi’s attacks are very weak in the sense that he is just saying all those words because of a bruised ego. First and foremost the bishop has said he has never cheated on his wife. Normally when people have issues with you they seek to elicit statements that will bring the attention of the public though the are not true in themselves.

Chairman went on to say John Mahama is the one backing the bishop which makes it clear that Wontumi is only hurt because the words of the man of God were against his party. The fact that one speaks of a government’s failure does not in any wise mean the person hates that government or supports the party in opposition.

It is not apt for the Ashanti Regional Chairman to make those allegations against the man of God without evidence. He could be sued for defamation which on legal grounds he would be pay damages. Before you make claims against someone it is very important you gather facts and then launch your attack.