Chairman Wontumi is the Ashanti Regional Chairman for the New patriotic party being widely known for his fussy topics. This morning on radio as he was discussing Political issues he decided to pick up at the Founder of Perez Chapel, Bishop Agyin Asare who talked about the economic hardship in recent times.

It is common for people to attack God’s servant in this country but one must be careful with whom he is dealing with. The Bible clearly teaches that we do not touch the Lord’s anointed so Chairman Wontumi’s jabs at the bishop could land him in serious spiritual trouble. You remember when David had the chance to touch Saul? He refrained himself from doing such evil seeing Saul who didn’t act righteously was yet the Lord’s anointed.

According to Wontumi he would let all the NPP members of Agyin Asare’s church leave and again leveling an unsubstantial allegation against him that he has been cheating on his wife. If these allegations are not true then Chairman Wontumi could invite the wrath of God upon himself which would lead to his greatest downfall and destruction.