The economy of Ghana in these times have not favoured the less privileged at all and very soon I will be eliciting vivid reasons. It is true we are in hard times and everyone in the country is complaining but we expect the leaders of the nation to do something but to no avail have they done something. In Africa, whenever there is inflation and increment in pricing it is the poor and less privileged that suffers that most. The rich does not consider the poor, men who own businesses do not consider increasing the salary of workers so as to equate the rise in prices.

Dr. Bawumia is one of the few Ghanaian leaders with expertise in economics so then it is very vital he uses his expert knowledge to curb some economic issues yet nothing really is being seen.

These are but to mention a few areas where inflation has hit massively.

In the affairs of transportation, there has been a very high increment in prices. Traveling across the country has now been difficult for many people because od the very high percentage increment in fares. Both long and short distance traveling have been affected and imagine someone who has been inactive in terms of work in these times. How will such a person make it?

Food stuffs
The price of food stuffs have been increased so highly. I recently bought tomatoes at a very highly expensive amount which should not be so if the economy were being ran properly. Some of these things do make life unbearable for the lay man.

Exchange rate
Before Bawumia assumed leadership as Vice he had so many lectures flying around on how the economy has been in a dire situation of which he made a popular statement saying ”when the fundamentals are weak the exchange rate would expose you”. Do we now say the exchange rate has exposed the senior economist? Because the dollar has inflated so highly than before.