Evangelist Jacob Aganfeka is radical evangelist who teaches the word with revival fire. Read the testimony below whole heartedly:

According to the man of God he was going to Community Health Nursing Training College -Navrongo to minister to the the Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) on one Sunday.

After the service, I had a nice time with them and immediately I left the campus to return home.

Just at the main entrance of the campus he met the then S.R.C President with skin rashes which he said he experienced just after waking up from sleep. He realized his skin has changed with intense itching. The man of God laid his hands on him and declare him healed in Jesus name.

He went back and slept on the same bed and woke up the following morning with a fresh skin without a single rash. hallelujah.

“I believe in miracles because I believe in God” -Kathryn Kuhlman

He added that, he could still remember vividly that a group of friends visited him during one of his programs in the village and upon their return, he didn’t have money to send them back , so they havd to do that on their own, upon releasing on them declarations of miracle money into their accounts and one of them received a miracle mobile Momo few days later in which she traced and call the person who said he doesn’t even have such an amount In his accounts . Hallelujah!

That is the Jesus we serve. Doing the impossible.

Are you heart broken because of this virus? Mediate on these things and give yourself wholly