Going through what people fly on the internet lately I have noticed a particular trend that has to do with assailing men of God. Upon seeing this I am pressed to also add my voice to the current hullabaloo however in the first place I would like us all to know how to separate a man of God from his theology. In that the fact that a man blows Theology out of proportion does not make him fake.

Knowing this is very vital in handling matters of heresy because even in the history of the church renowned men missed it when it came to interpretation of the Bible.

Apostle Joshua Selman has been on the feed of many as being such a one who teaches falsehood and this they claim as bad theology.

First and foremost, you must understand that even in theology there are different views and teaching approach.

We have 1. contextual sermon

  1. Textual sermon
  2. Topical sermon

A contextual sermon is one that the preacher carefully analyzes all the text by reading the pretext, post text and possibly considering timelines and background of the scripture. As such he carefully exegetes a verse and makes sure it means exactly as it meant in the mind of the original writer.

A textual sermon however has the preacher picking a text and making emphasis not necessarily considering the hermeneutics of the text

Finally a topical sermon, with this the man picks a topic and looks for scriptures that talk about his topic and take an idea from it.

If you have been a follower of Joshua Selman and many others you will realize that they mostly flow in the topical delivery. Meaning they can use John3:16 to teach giving and sacrifice rather than the traditional salvation.

Understanding this will desist you from criticizing them wrongly. Let’s be guided. Let me know if this helped you