In a post on Facebook the joyous father said:

I rejoice with you today on the occasion of your first anniversary Prophet of God, Iddrisu David Abdul-Rauf and Stars of Heaven Ministries.

I remember this day very well and how God birth a mighty ministry that is going to impact nations.

I am grateful to God for the privilege of being connected. You are a great gift and treasure to this generation.

You are more than a mentee and a son, you are a friend.

On this memorable day, I have prayed for you, that the Lord will graciously bless your ministry greatly

May the Lord cause you to command the attention of multitudes in Jesus name!!

May you leap over walls and Mountains In Jesus name!!

The right hand of God shall uphold you!!

Your heads will never drop in shame

You will never lack divine supplies

May the heaven of heavens , even the highest heaven keep its attention on you

Your men will never be few

The tongues of your adversaries shall not prevail against you

Mercy will speak for you always in the name of Jesus

Your face will never be ashamed

Your light will never grow dim

The plots of wickedness that is set up against you will never manifest

Your hands will never grow weak neither will your knees be feeble

Grace will exempt you from disgrace.

You won’t fall in the hour of temptation in the mighty name of Jesus.

God will preserve you and deliver you from the scandals and evils that destroy many prophetic ministries and ministers.

Your horn shall the Lord exalt as the horn of the unicorn

The Lord rise to your defense and calm every raging storm.

May you celebrate the next anniversary will Testimonies of supernatural increase

Whatever defeats Kings and queens and causes them to crawls in darkness shall be slain at your hands

I speak increase!! Supernatural increase!! Supernatural speed!! Unlimited increase!! Unstoppable increase!!

I decree and declare that One step will take you across Mountains and across rivers

By the hand of the Almighty God, you shall be lifted

God will make you the envy of your peers, a father to your generation and a wonder to your superiors in the name of Jesus !!