Akuffo Addo’s free SHS has come under many criticisms following his idea of resumption of school for final years and one of the tracks. People have tagged it as a hasty decision just to facilitate his free shs agenda knowing it is an election year but we it’s not apt for political games to be played at the expense of the health of these innocent kids.

Since the schools resumed there have been tensions back and forth from the junior high level to the tertiary level. We must understand that students will by all means gather and do the normal ‘boys boys vibe’ so it is a hasty decision for the ruling party to give the green light.

There should be other systems put in place for education to continue and I don’t think it is mandatory that school should continue amidst Covid-19 storms. We can wait till it is all over rather then poor hasty decisions that will risk the lives of many.
It is not a surprising thing that most Politicians before they make a decision have an ulterior motive which could account for the President’s case. In recent times ministers and the big men have even tested positive for the virus much less our kids who can just do anything mischievous.

Is the president waiting for things to go haywire before he will consider his decision?