I’m Aganfeka Jacob Abomirigu, a native of Mirigu in the upper East Region.

Even though born by a Christian mother into the presbyterian church, I actually got born again in 2012 during my high school days in PENSA.

Since then the Lord has used me in various youth leadership notable among them being Ghana fellowship of Evangelical students (GHAFES) and Nurses Christian fellowship (NCF) president at my college days.

In ministry, the Lord has called me into the Apostolic Office ushering me into a heavy desire for his word and Prayer as in Acts 6:4.

Even though I have worked in several Evangelical and Mission trips expecially in Moslem dorminated areas like North East Ghana, I believe in Revival and the practical demonstration of genuine and authentic power accompanying such Revival.

I have a specific mandate from the Lord to Gather young men into prayer and word ministration through various means possible especially through the social media.

Even though not officially trained and ordained as a minister of the Gospel, I’m currently doing One-year internship missions with worldventures missionaries (a U.S based non-profit organization) in upper East Region specifically Navrongo.

But I also respond to the mandate the Lord has given me in 2019 by founding an online-based non/interdenominational ministry specifically on Facebook and WhatsApp called SPIRIT COLLEGE MEDIA MINISTRY(S.C.M.M), where I teach the undiluted word of God to Over hundreds of people via WhatsApp and Facebook and lead them into intercessory prayers a couple of times in a week.

As I said earlier, even though I’m a Steward of God’s mystery as a gifted teacher and a radical Evangelist. 

I also desire to see Revival everywhere specially among the youth and henceforth I believe and operate in signs and wonders.

Even though a nurse by profession, I believe in supernatural healing and instant manifestation of Spirit for the profit of all.